Wednesday, May 22, 2013

THE BEAST - Toyota Aristo V300

Hello guys,
maybe you remember my white Lexus GS 400 VIP? It was a normal Tamiya GS with a width of 185mm.
185mm are so damn small and I'm a fan of murder offset....yep murder offset (+10mm and up) combinated with a Tamiya body doesn't realy fit.
So I asked me what I could do  :Think:

.....and this was the beginning of a real beast.

There's not much to say. I think 205mm on the front and the rear is enough to say  :twisted:

...but here the other facts:
-Sideskirts are a combination of Yokomo Street FC sideskirts and DIY
-Stock frontbumper with Yokomo Street FC frontlip
-Secret Plans Overfender
-SWP High Mount 40mm wing stays
-modified Yokomo GReddy FB wing
-DIY airintake on the hood and rearend

At the beginning it was just a small it's similar to Yokomo's big JZX

Like the beauty and the beast: The Beast and the JZX of GreyFox from LA-Drifters

Who loves biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig wings?? ^^

I hope you like it!!!!!!


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