Monday, February 6, 2012

Scrachin' Low - Lexus GS400 VIP (PT.2)

Here comes the 2nd part of the GS400 Story.

I finished most of the things for the car and decided to make a Lexus GS400 and not an Aristo, because in my opinion Lexus is more luxurious...
Lexus VIP 018

After the paintjob:
Lexus VIP 011

Lexus VIP 002

The highlight of this car is it's airride system. I need the airride because the tires would scrape the body without it and it's a very cool show-effect!

Here is a little video of the Airride:

It's still a work in progress, so more pictures are coming soon.


  1. Nice VIP style car! How did you make the 'airride' system? With some servos? Maybe you got some pics of the inside?

    1. Sorry for ultra late reply ^^
      ...It's only a small servo in combination with stealth body mounts.
      But I never used it...